wtorek, czerwca 28, 2005

Wes Greenway's Alexandria Volkswagen

Ten fragment jest tylko po angielsku, q przestrodze autochtonów. Generalnie chodzi o to, że lokalni dealerzy samochodowi też robią w h... swoich klientów. Jeśli ktoś ma jeszcze jakiś kompleks, że tylko w naszym pięknym kraju takie rzeczy się zdarzają, to można sobie darować. W US wcale nie jest lepiej.


I had a radio exchange scheduled today morning. I had to wake up earlier then usually to avoid missing half a day at work. I made this appointment two weeks ago, when I was called by customer service rep who told me that my radio had arrived.

So I came early morning, left my car keys to a representative and walked in to the service store. I just wanted to ask about the tyre I need to buy. Yes, you have to pay more for shitty Michelin tyre in VW store then anywhere alse. Not to mention that you can have much better tyres of other brands for half the price. I think after last Grand Prix F1 in Indianapolis I will rather stay away from Michelin, when it will come to replacing the tyres.

I was waiting for a clerk, who was checking something on his computer. Then a technician came in, asking for the radio ordered on behalf of my name. I am quite sure they did not know the guy in the store is the guy who came to have his radio replaced, as I do not wear a shirt with my name on it. So the clerk told the technician that my radio is gone. It was given to someone else. As he said: 'On a first-come first-serve basis'. Fine. So I knew I will not have my radio on that day. That's fine. Things like that happen. I just wanted to know what would be the response of the customer service and if they are going to apologize for wasting my time.

It took them 15 minutes to call me back. I came to the counter and the nice guy told me that the radio they ordered for me does not work. Well, pretty good lie, don't you think? I should have asked to show me this radio, but I gave up. After all, they might have found my radio within 15 minutes and checked that it did not work indeed. So be it.

I got my car keys and left looking out for my car on the parking. Then the technician approached me asking for the keys, as the car was still in garage. And he told me laughing, that MY RADIO WAS IN FACT GIVEN TO SOMEONE ELSE.

The moral of the story is: Do not buy VW, unless you know some VW technician that tells you a truth. And especially do not buy them in Alexandria Volkswagen. If they lie customers with service (this is a third time they lied to me), they will probably lie with everything else.

Personally I like VWs. And I'm lucky knowing some VW tech, who normally helps me with the car maintenance. But we need a second car for Słoń and maybe it's time to look for some other brands.